Request: Swisscom Xtra Zone App for Android

Informationen über die XtraZone Android Applikation.

What is the one missing app in the Android Market? The Swisscom Xtra Zone app. There is one for the iPhone. But none for the Android platform. I wonder why. Can’t the Swisscom not just develop one? I make it easy for them and write down some requirements. Or maybe somebody else wants to create such an app. It even can cost something in the store, if you do it and not Swisscom.


  • Automatic login: Login once, store the Swisscom Login on my phone.
  • Integrate with the Content Resolver: Display sent SMS and received SMS in the system.
  • Address/phone book integration

A nice feature the iPhone app has, is that it reads your mobile number from the SIM card and only asks for your Swisscom Login, never for your password.
Especially the integration to the content://sms/outbox, content://sms/inbox and content://sms/conversation would be great!

What do you think is missing? Need something else? Let us know in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Request: Swisscom Xtra Zone App for Android

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    1. CoCaman Post author

      thanks roger, still prefer an official version. never know how long it will be around, as Swisscom does not like non-official use of their login system.

    2. CoCaman Post author

      Hey roger
      i can not find the app in the market. it always tells mere, there are no products matching … to bad

      1. nicam

        yeah its not the real deal on os x if anyone who’s good ad objective C wants to port it please do it! 😀

        1. nicam

          yeah but there wont be an official because they said they didnt invest so much into their stupid portal and then ending up as sms gateway (article from

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