Gallery 3D (Froyo) for HTC Desire

After the 2.1 port of Gallery3D I quickly fixed and compiled the 2.2 Gallery3D app for the 2.1 HTC Desire device.

All the nice features you have seen are working. See screenshots below!

Download from or via QR Code

10 thoughts on “Gallery 3D (Froyo) for HTC Desire

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    1. CoCaman Post author

      not stupid question.
      froyo is not yet on the desire, you could use modified nexus rom. but this gallery works on android 2.1. just back-ported from the 2.2 source codes.

      i am having troubles getting the modaco rom on my desire …

  2. Jacob

    Great release as usual, but if possible, could you please look into the “zoom bug”?
    – The application zooms the thumbnail not the full image.

      1. Kip

        Just a thought.. does it not exist on Froyo because the default Android camera app doesn’t use the full ‘widescreen’ mode that the HTC Camera app uses?


          1. Kip

            Hmmm.. no.. Just tried taking a photo in the 4:3 resolution (which is the Android Default) still is pixelated!


    1. CoCaman Post author

      hmm, I think the problem lies in the ImageViewTouchBase class. Lots of matrix transformations, zoom, pans and so on 🙂

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