Cooliris Gallery3D Download for HTC Desire

Update June 24, 2010: The Gallery3D version from Android 2.2 is now running on 2.1.

After I first wrote about the Gallery3D app from Cooliris running on HTC’s Desire Android phone I got a few request for offering a download of the application. I have now decided to offer you this download. To install, simply visit http://10× on your Android phone and download the apk-file.

Cooliris Gallery3D on HTC Desire Cooliris Gallery3D on HTC Desire Cooliris Gallery3D on HTC Desire

But please keep in mind, neither Google nor Cooliris will give you support as long as there is no official port of the Gallery3d app to another phone except Google’s Nexus One. If you are having problems, you can post your problems below in the comments and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Or you can just scan the QR code with any reader and download the file directly.

The download is hosted by – your custom Android apps developer.

29 thoughts on “Cooliris Gallery3D Download for HTC Desire

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    1. CoCaman Post author

      hi raj
      i do not understand. after you take a picture, you should be back in the gallery3d app. I can not understand your problem and reproduce it, sorry.

      1. raj

        Sorry should have been clearer. When I look at pictures in the 3d gallery the pinch to zoom works but the photo does not refocus on close up unlike the standard photo app on the HTC desire.

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  6. MATT

    This works with the new sprint htc hero 2.1 update that has been leaked 3d gallery is awesome. THANKS

  7. Chuck

    Yeah I’m with raj, it would be nice to be able to refocus when you zoom into the picture.

  8. JohnB

    yes it works great, now if I could just find FriendStream and Live Wallpapers :>

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  10. Giacc

    Hey Cocaman, AWESOME work! It’s super smooth on my HTC hero.
    Though is there anyway to make it compatible with the HTC widget album? When i click on a photo on my desktop nothing happen…
    Thanks in advance!

    1. CoCaman Post author

      Hmm, Gallery3D comes with its own widget. Have you tried adding that one to the home screen?
      I currently don’t have time to take a deeper look or to add some features (ideas would be around ;-)).

  11. Giacc

    The widget that comes with is only the photo frame I think. Displaying only one chosen photo. What would be nice is to make this Gallery3D compatible with HTCAlbum widget. I m talking about the HTC photo widget that allows u to see all ur photo on ur desktop just swiping up and down. I think that in order to do this it would just be a matter of signature name apk. When you click on the Htc widget, it s looking to open HTCAlbum.apk, while Gallery3D is installed as Gallery3D. I think that if the name signature when installed was HTCAlbum then it would be compatible.

    1. CoCaman Post author

      if you have the HTC gallery installed, you can still use the “Photo Album” widget. Gallery3D does not replace the HTC Gallery, it is just an addition.
      Or maybe I am completely misunderstanding you…

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