StartupCamp2010 #scs10

My first reaction at 5pm yesterday was like “wow, this was the best startup event I have ever been”. Everything just feels right. Looking back at the second Swiss StartupCamp I thinks this is definitely something we can and should repeat. Lots of people discussing, interacting and sharing ideas.

StartupCamp 2010

Things I liked much more than last year

  • No keynote speaker: The audience did show little to no interest in the keynote speaker.
  • Less rooms: Only four rooms so people either participated in a discussion in a room which very often where full or in smaller groups at the food and drinks corner
  • Handmade Swiss Chocolate: are very nice and smart guys. Love their idea and product.
  • No Poken: Sorry, but that hype is so not hot any more…
  • … and finally, I took the right tram and train home 🙂

StartupCamp 2010

StartupCamp 2010 StartupCamp 2010

StartupCamp 2010

You can find the rest of my coverage on StartupCamp2010 under this link.

A big compliment goes to Dania, Patrick, Ansgar, Daniel, MatthiasS and the rest of the organizational team. Also a big thank you to Oona, Carola, Soojung, Fredy, MathiasM, Michael and all the other volunteers! And I promise to help more in the preparations next time. But they all did a great job! And of course a big thank you to all the sponsors: i-net Basel, FHNW Basel, acceleris, Oracle, CTI Invest, De Vigier Foundation, amiando, amazee.

Photos of the event can be found on Flickr, tweets should be tagged with #scs10 and blog posts can be found on Google’s Blogsearch.

Thanks for coming and giving us a little of your time and sharing your ideas and thoughts! It was great!

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