MyEasyPhotoGallery – Simple PHP Photo Gallery

I needed a quick and dirty PHP photo gallery. So what did I do? I hacked one together very quickly. That was in 2007. Today I have published that little piece of software to GitHub. You can download (ZIP or TAR) MyEasyPhotoGallery from GitHub and use it create a photo gallery in less than 3 minutes.
All you need to do is upload the script, upload your photos and click a link. The script then creates the thumbnails and you can share the link with everyone. There is no need for a database, user management or anything.

The design is very basic. So this really is just a simple plain “show” interface. You could use to quickly create a display for some logos your a creating or for your mother’s photos to France.

And there are some bugs. For example, on my server GD creates very dark thumbnails. Maybe ImageMagick could help. And there are sometimes some error messages I have not yet removed or fixed.

Preview MyEasyPhotoGallery:
GitHub Repository:

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