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Note: This article started completely different than it is now. I have just written down what just came out of my head!

Remember the time when everybody was working hard to get a higher and higher Google Pagerank? Hours spent by marketers to get sites to link to your site. Paying good money to have a .edu domain linking to your website.
Nowadays people use Twitter. And with each tweet you feel more important, your message is read by more people.
Retweeting is the new pagerank (in terms of egoism and comparison)
Pages like TweetMeme and ReTweet will be very valuable in the future. Until spammers discover the possibility to set up hundreds or thousands of bots that each retweets their messages.

Corsin Camichels Twitter Ratio Badge

Corsin Camichel's Twitter Ratio Badge

And there lies the problem for Twitter: Fighting the bad bots. Fighting the black hat TMO (Tweet Message Optimization). Fighting the growths.
Of course Twitter already starts blocking bots and bad people. But not very automatically and very fast. Out of my 165 followers I guess 30% are not real or have actually heard of me. Check my Twitoria for details.
I appreciate every human follower, no matter I we have ever met or if you just follow me for my non-sense. My stuff is mainly just noise.
Or check my TFF (Twitter Follow Friend Ratio). I am very selective to the people I follow. A main criteria is that I have met you in person or your input is important to me. I very often also unfollow people. Just because it crossed my mind.

I think I need to rewrite this article some day in a more structured way. This are just ideas, thoughts that I had.

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