Poken Destruction – How to Make Friends

Poken is a technology that utilizes Near Field Communication technology to allow the exchange of online social networking data between two keychain accessories.

They can be used to connect people with Internet profiles like Facebook, Xing or other social networks. All you need to do is let the hands touch each other. Later you connect your Poken to your computer and synchronize it with the Poken servers.
In theory a pretty cool idea. But in Switzerland Poken has not yet lifted off much. All people that have one are already connected with each other. So what to do? Ralph had the great idea to destroy them.

So we met today, on a rainy, cloudy day to destroy our Pokens. The big question you know have is how we destroyed them. That is the fun part.

We used a steamroller! This is incredible fun. Just check out my pictures and see for yourself.
And yes, we must be nuts to do such a thing ūüôā

Pokenplättung - 058 Pokenplättung - 017 Pokenplättung - 019 Pokenplättung - 023 Pokenplättung - 062 Pokenplättung - 066 Pokenplättung - 103 Pokenplättung - 072 Pokenplättung - 065 Pokenplättung - 079 Pokenplättung - 080 Pokenplättung - 082 Pokenplättung - 125 Pokenplättung - 149 Pokenplättung - 157 Pokenplättung - 005 Pokenplättung - 113 Pokenplättung - 138 Pokenplättung - 161 Pokenplättung - 106 Pokenplättung - 167 Pokenplättung - 173 Pokenplättung - 179 Pokenplättung - 184 Pokenplättung - 185

Thanks to Ralph for organizing and all other parties involved. Was really fun and enjoyable.
I wonder what the official word at Poken is about our destruction ūüėČ

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