Facebook REALLY likes FriendFeed

As reported by TechCrunch and confirmed by Facebook’s press release, FriendFeed has been acquired by Facebook.
So what will happen now? FriendFeed is such a small player compared to Facebook that this acquisition is not about users. It is all about the team behind FriendFeed. So within a short time FriendFeed will die. There is just no space in Facebook for FriendFeed. And FriendFeed is currently only used by the early-adopters (nerds, social media types, players). Real people (yeah, real people) already are on Facebook and do not care about FriendFeed. Just fact!
Anyway congrats to Paul and the FriendFeed team for this great move.

6 thoughts on “Facebook REALLY likes FriendFeed

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  2. CoCaman Post author

    i am crunching some numbers. is a good engineer worth 2 million dollars? that would add up to 22 million and something extra for the founders to a total of maybe $26 millions.

  3. giu

    It is all about the team behind FriendFeed.

    they now officially hired the man who created Gmail! 😉 it’s clearly a talent acquisition.

    only a small percentage of facebook users use services like flickr, twitter etc. so, it doesn’t have that big impact on feedfriends.

  4. CoCaman Post author

    strange that Paul Buchheit is always named as Gmail creator. he also did AdSense, which I see as far more important to Google than Gmail very will be.
    But yes, I really hope this will bring some great new tools and innovations to Facebook. And not only because the FriendFeed team is now stakeholder in Facebook, but because they believe in Facebook.

  5. giu

    both products are great. Gmail enjoys the attention of a wider audience than AdSense (since the probability that a person (especially a nontechnical one) uses email is higher than the probability she / he uses AdSense) and that’s the reason why most of the people know him as the Gmail creator. to sum it up, he did pretty ingenious things at Google.

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