More Platypus / Google Drive information

Wow! What a big run on that story. All over the Internet people are reporting about it, digging there selves and discussing.

Over at Google Blogoscoped, Philipp just emailed Justin Rosenstein (his email address was ‘hidden’ inside the HTML code) and has to say this:

I think I just got a confirmation… I emailed Justin from the source backup Corsin made and apparently he’s on vacation. However, the last sentence of the auto-reply was quite telling: it says that for Google Pages related concerns, Ojan V. ought to be contacted, and for *Platypus* issues, David B.! (Including full names n’ emails.)

Can we now confirm, that Google really is working – or all ready has running a early version – on an infinite online storage system? Maybe Google has to come up this time and say something, and not as usual let the people guessing and standing in the dark.